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Rita Repulsa

Rita Repulsa

Rita Repulsa was the evilest witch in the galaxy. The great wizard Zordon imprisoned her  in a  intergalactic dumpster on the moon. Before she was imprisoned she was able to trap Zordon in another dimension. Thousands of years later Rita and her henchmen were freed form t heir prison and tried to conquer earth. Zordon recruited a group to teens to become Power Rangers. Rita routinely sent out her monsters to destroy the Power Rangers. Time and again Rita was frustrated by  the losses of the monsters. When ever she'd use her wand to make he monster grow the Rangers would use their zords to defeat her. Rita created her own evil Rangers by putting an evil spell on Tommy Oliver. Rita's Green Ranger disrupted the Rangers connection with Zordon and caused the Rangers a lot of trouble. He even helped to damage the Ranger's zords. Zordon was returned as well as the zords. Rita lost the green ranger when her spell was broken. She watch in  frustration seeing her  green ranger become her  enemy. She used a green candle to drain the green powers for herself. This was stopped when Tommy gave what was left of his powers to Jason, negating the transfer. Later Tommy was able to return to his role as the Green Ranger. Rita's plans to dominate the Earth never seemed to work out.



Goldar was Rita's faithful General. He was very loyal to his queen and was a powerful opponent for the Rangers. When the Rangers first were given their powers it was Goldar that was their first test. Goldar became a rival with Tommy after was freed from Rita spell. It was Goldar who abducted Tommy while Rita drained his powers with the green candle. After Tommy escaped Goldar prevented Jason from obtaining the candle. When Rita used one of her monsters to capture the Ranger's parent's Goldar ordered them to hand over the coins for their parent's return. Goldar took the coins and refused to return the parents. Luckily, Tommy was able to re-energize his coin temporally and took the coins back from Goldar ( the parents were saved too). Goldar piloted Rita's Cyclops’s zord. Unfortunately for Goldar,  the Rangers destroyed the zord.  Goldar continued to serve Rita and was determined to defeat the Power Rangers.


Squatt was one of Rita's bumbling servants. Together with Baboo he often played the role of a cheerleader for Rita ) quite literally at one point). Largely though Squatt was a bumbling idiot. In Trini’s dream Squatt was the one that brought Ticklesneezer back to life.  While Rita took the day off Squatt and Baboo tried creating their own monster. The shell shock monster actually did  a good job but the Rangers were able to overcome him. Squatt told Rita when Kim was having a bad day. This convinced Rita to go after the Pink Ranger. Largely Squatt didn't fight and remained at the moon base.



Baboo  was one of Rita's bumbling henchman. He was very cowardly and loyal to his Empress. He did prove valuable when he turned Kim and Billy into punks. Luckily the spell was reversed. Baboo teamed up with Squat to make a monster when it took the day off. The monster was actually formidable but the Rangers took care of him anyway. Baboo helped Squatt kidnap Kim's cousin. The girl out smarted them to get free from the two villains clutches ( By teaching them cheers for Rita). Baboo usually remains at Rita' castle with Squatt.



Scorpina was one of Rita’s fieriest generals. She was the equal to Goldar in every way. She first appeared when Rita created her own Green Ranger. Scorpina had already served Rita in the past. The empress called upon her once again to help destroy the Power Rangers. When Scorpina reached grew gigantic she took the form of a  gigantic scorpion. Along with Goldar and the Green Ranger she destroyed the Megazord so Rita sent the five individual  zords underneath the Earth. After the Rangers freed the Green Ranger from Rita's spell.  Scorpina stayed on to serve Rita. She was put in charge of finding the mirror of destruction. The Power Rangers (with help from Jason's nephew) were able to stop her. Scorpina was a valuable fighter and always gave the rangers a tough time (whether at giant size or normal size).



Finster was Rita's loyal servant. He was a monster maker. He made monsters and putties out of clay. He brought these creatures to life with his magic oven. He seemed to delight in his creations, almost like it was an art to him. He wasn't much of a worrier but his expertise  in monster making more than benefited Rita's plans for conquest.


The putties were the Rita's evil foot soldiers, made of clay. They weren't very bright but still provided the Rangers with a good work out. The Rangers usually had no problem defeating the clay brains.


Bones was a skeleton like monster that gave the Rangers a real challenge. He could reassemble himself . He fought the Rangers in a time warp. He was finally destroyed when Trini threw his head down a cavern.


After the Rangers escaped Rita' time warp and defeated bones, Rita conjured up a powerful giant for the Rangers to fight. He was destoryed by the Megazord.

Mighty Minotaur

When Trini and Kimberly were trying to clean up a garabge dump Rita sent the Minotaur after the Rangers. The Rangers had to work as a team and use their new Power Weapons to destory the best.

King Spinx

Rita decided to target Jason alone. She had finister create King Spinx. King Pings was a weinged egyptioan like monster. He had the power to send the other Rangers back to the youth center, so he could face Jason a lone. The Rangers were able to find away to re-unite with Jason. The team used the Megazord to destory the Spinx.

Gnarly Gnome

The Gnarly Gome had the power to hypnotize people. He abducted a group of teenagers with his hypnotic song. A deaf girl was able to help the Rangers save the teens. The Rangers destroyed the gnome.

Pudgy Pig

Pudgy Pig was an evil pig like monster that had an unlimited appetite. Rita wanted him to consume all of Earth's food supply. He even ate the Ranger's Power Weapons,. The Rangers fed him a bad sandwich to defeat him. Later Ritas recreated the Pudgy Pig  with a normal Pig. This incarnation of the pig was not pure evil and fell in love with a female pig. He turned back into a normal pig and went to live with the farmer of the female pig he liked.

Chunky Chicken

Rita had Finister create the Chunky Chicken to capture Maria. The Rangers were able to destory the bird with the megazord.

Eye Guy

Billy's young friend was a genius. Rita had Finster create Eye Guy to capture the boy. Eye Guy was made up of hundred's of eyes. He had the ability to send one of his eyes to spy on people.  Eye Guy had the power to drain people of their genus. Rita planned to use the boys genius for her own agenda. The rangers saved Billy's friend and destroyed Eye Guy.

Knasty Knight

On Zacks Birthday, Rita had Finster construct the knasty Knight. He attacked Jack and the Rangers and proved to be a worthy adversary. Zack came up with a plan to destory he knight once and for all.


Pineoctopus pretended to be a clown at a fair. He was really one of Rita's evil monsters. He befriending Trini's cousin, Silvia. He turned Silvia into cardboard. He than revealed his true monstrous form. The Rangers were able to destory th evil clown. Silvia was restored to normal by Alpha and Billy.

Terror Toad

Terror Toad was a gruesome creation of Finster. He had the power to eat the Rangers and trap them inside himself. Kimberly was able to use the power bow to attack the toad's weak spot. This freed her friends. Kim and the Rangers destroyed the toad.

Madam Woe

Madam Woe was a powerful  monster that captured Billy's new girlfriend. The Rangers were forced to battle her in an evil dimension. Billy uses the powers of his teammates combined, to defeat the monster and save his girl.


While Kimberly was preoccupied trying to fly her uncle's plane, the Rangers were forced to face the powerful Snizard. Once Kimberly was able to jion her friends, her power bow proved to give the Rangers enough of the edge to defeat the Snizard.

Dark Worrier

Rita sent the Dark Worrier to capture Trini's Uncle Howard. Rita wanted his potion of invisibility. The ninja like monster held Howard hostage to get the potion from the Rangers. He placed explosives on Howard. The Rangers saved Howard and defeated the evil Ninja.


When Kimberly and Billy accidently switched places, Rita send an evil Genie after the Rangers. The genie proved a big challenge the team. Alpha and Zord manages to acquire th Genie's lamp and overloaded it to destory the Genie.

Shell Shock

While Rita was sleeping Squatt and Baboo created Shell Shock on their own. Shell Shock actually provided a real threat to the Rangers. He froze Zack, Billy, and Kimberly. Trini was forced to run indefinitely. Trini retrieved a special flower to free her friends, and help Jason and Tommy destory Shell Shock.


The Spidertron was a spider like monster, Rita used to capitalize on Zack's fear of spiders and bugs.  Zack and the Rangers were able to destory the monster.

The Spit Flower

When Rita ruined Kimberly's float she also send down the Split Flower. The Rangers were able to destory the Split Flower monster.


When Tommy was late to the holloween party the Rangers assumed a guy dressed like Frankenstein was Tommy. It turned out the guy was actually one of Rita's monsters. The Rangers were able to team up wit the real Tommy to destory the menace.

Super Putties

Rita used a special mold to create Super Putties. They were far deadlier than the originals. The Rangers had to use special weapons to destory the putties.


Lokar was an evil Spirit that Rita called upon. He took the form of a gigantic head in the sky and could give monsters evil power. Rita used him to keep  upgrading Mutites. The Rangers used the megazord to defeat Mutites and Lokar was sent retreating. Lokar returned to  empower the Cyclopsis zord. The Rangers defeated the zord and sent the evil spirit retreating yet again.


Mutites was a gigantic monster that Rita Summoned. Lokar was able to keep making the giant more powerful. The Rangers defeated Mutites with the Ultra Zord.

The Samuria Fan Man

The Samurai Fan Man was sent to make Kimberly's bad day even worse. He captured Kim inside his magical jug. Which really contained another dimension. If Kim wasn't rescued soon, she would disappear forever. The Samurai Fan Man had the power to use his fans to send the Rangers to a far off dimension. Zordon and Alpha saved them. The team was able to rescue Kimberly. They used the Ultrazord to destory the monster for good.

The Rockstar

The Rockster was used to fight the Rangers when Scorpina was after the mirror of destruction. The monster was destroyed.

Babe Ruthless

Babe Ruthless was a baseball theme monster that the Rangers defeated with their zords.

Scorpina's Worm

Scorpina attacked the Rangers with her worm. This worm encased the Rangers in a cocoon. The Rangers were able to escape. Later the megazord became trapped in a cocoon, but that didn't stop the Rangers from destroying the worm.


Baboo and Squat sent Fang out to destory the Rangers. Fang was obsessed with eating a certain type of egg, When it was destoryed he became furious. The Rangers were able to defeat Fang.


When Rita tried to steal Tommy's powers with the green candle, she also sent the Cyclops monster. This monster had the power to assume any form he wanted, Mamy that of the Ranger's zords.  The Rangers destroyed him with the Ultrazord.


While Zack and Angela watched over some kids, Rita sent the Peckster to terrorize the City. Zack helped the Rangers defeat the evil bird.

Pumpkin Wrapper

Rita sent her evil pumpkin patch to bring the Pumpkin wrapper to life. This evil monster communicated by rapping. The Rangers were able to put an end to his beats, when they defeated him.


While Jason and Zack trained a young boy  to make Ernie's soccer team, Rita decided to send out her Socceridillo monster. It had the power to change into a ball and ram the Rangers. This didn't stop the team from finding a way to destory the beast.

Slippery Shark

The Slippery Shark used its power to turn Jason and Tommy into enemies. The spell was broken when both Rangers were forced to work together, to battle the evil Monster. The Power Rangers destroyed the shark.

The Lizzanator

The Lizzanator was a super strong monster  that tested the Rangers. The Rangers were able to best the powerful beast.

Rhino Blaster

When the Rangers tried out for their High School football team, Rita became inspired to have Finster send out the Rhino Blaster. This monster quarterbacked a football team of putties. He trapped the original five Rangers in another dimension. Tommy used his quarterback skills to free his friends. Rhino Blaster was destroyed by the Ultrazord.

Commander Crayfish

Rita created a team of evil Rangers from her putties. No putty was able to qualify as Red, so she sent Commander Crayfish to lead the mutant Rangers. The Rangers still were able to defeat the crab.

The Oysterizer

The Osterizer dwelled at the bottom of the ocean. Rita had one of her putties trick Zack into buying  special pearls that made everyone in the vicinity freeze, when worn.(Zack gave them to Angela). Tommy and Zack were forced to battle Oysterizer to save their friends, who were frozen. Oysterizer could shoot a toxic substance at the Rangers. Tommy's shield protected him. When Zack became covered in the substance, Tommy gave his shield to Zack, so he could heal. The two were able to reverse the effects of the spell. The Rangers battled Oysterizer in the ocean, using the Megazord. In the end the monster was destroyed.